The blockchain-based computer platform Alphaslot has confirmed that it will focus on acquiring new players and ensuring that content is associated with unique international markets as the company prepares to build bridges between different gaming ecosystems such as casino games, Beat console games and eSports.

Alphaslot claims that it will drive the adoption of blockchain gaming technology by bringing new audiences and age groups in different markets in line with industry trends and industries that have the greatest impact in these countries. Commenting on Blockchain’s universal potential for players, operators and developers, Blockchain CEO Raymond Chan said, “The blockchain from Alphaslot bridges the gap between gaming ecosystems and acts as a gateway to developers or operators. While it can be said that anyone could be a commercial beneficiary of blockchain, as with any type of technology, how blockchain is valued really depends on the users. Alphaslot’s example is that the commercial beneficiaries are the operators of game ecosystems, game developers and especially the people who play games. “

“In the case of casino games, it is becoming increasingly difficult to win new player segments,” he continued. “Much has to do with the fact that the content does not match what these player segments are looking for. Here, interacting with gaming ecosystems such as e-sports and mobile gaming will be a powerful tool that will allow casino game operators to attract players from different gaming environments. This also gives more attention to such eSports and mobile gaming operators, creating a gaming network that benefits everyone involved. ”

Alphaslot will strengthen its position in the global market over the coming months with a range of specialized tools and concepts designed to expand blockchain technology across the gamut of markets around the world. The Alphaslot mobile app connects players to the Alphaslot platform through a community of land-based casino, online and mobile games, console games and eSports ecosystems. In addition, the company’s interoperability model will drive the broad adoption of blockchain gaming technology by reaching new audiences and age groups in different sectors. Chan commented on how these ideas will help develop gaming internationally: “Alphaslots Interoperability means we enable limitless game entertainment. Games of various formats and markets can be accessed via blockchain-enabled digital elements such as avatars, items, points, milestones, etc. be integrated and interact with each other. It does not matter if it’s mobile games, social online games, console games or eSports, sports betting or casino games. These digital assets can be collected, used in-game or traded. For avatars and items, they can be maintained and developed the same way you would develop your Pokemon. ”

“Our starting point is of course casino games, as this is our strongest field and Asia is a strong casino games market,” he added. “With increasing interoperability, however, we also have Europe, North America and South America in view. For example, when it comes to games in other shapes and markets, Korea has a very large and lucrative eSports market, Japan has a booming mobile gaming industry, and we see the US as the next big thing when it comes to sports betting. ”