We all agree that there are too many conferences in the spring. Therefore, we postpone our appointments and introduce a variety of new functions and speakers!   Are you tired of hearing the same old moderators talking about the same old topics?

Well, the Gaming Technology Forum . We offer speakers who have a good understanding of the upcoming technology issues and the trends that are coming your way.

Here is a little taste: Our first keynote speaker is Curtis Levinson, the US cyber defense adviser to NATO.   Curtis was selected by the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to represent the United States as the only advisory expert in cyber defense for the IRCSG (Industrial Resources and Communications Services Group).

This group falls under the Civil-Military Planning and Support Division of NATO, which is essential to the Alliance’s common defense and security.

He acts as a technical adviser in the US to provide guidance to the NATO IRCSG on cyber issues and specific security vulnerabilities, threats and remedies related to NATO’s electronic communications. Curtis also serves as a US member of NATO’s Joint Cyber ​​Response Team, and can be mobilized and deployed in times of crisis to relay positions as needed. Curtis has served with honors to two current United States Presidents, two Joint Chiefs of Staff presidents, and the United States Chief Justice.