Kai Buenger, International Sales Director of the international payment solutions provider, VNE, has confirmed he is focused on linking younger players and current trends with more traditional overland games. The Sandton Convention Center October 24-25.

Buenger emphasized that the increasing focus on sports betting, mobile and virtual gaming will play a key role in the region’s growth, but not at the expense of other more traditional sectors. He said, “Sports betting attracts a lot of attention in Africa, but we understand that this is only part of the whole and not an isolated case. It’s pretty easy to associate sports gamblers with land-based gambling, and to get to know slot machines that have been introduced to the sports betting options when they all meet in front of an ATM, the redemption of tickets, and the uploading of virtual accounts or withdrawing cash. “

“At this year’s ICE in London, John Kamara said:” The region is made up of 52 nations with 1.6 billion inhabitants, of which 68% are under the age of 27, but we believe it is not a matter of age, “added Buenger added. “The sports betting and online gambling sectors are frequented by a generation that has embedded their smartphone in all their daily activities, including gambling. In recent years, our biggest challenge has been to reach these people with products that allow them to connect their smartphones and their virtual accounts with each other to secure cash payments or withdrawals. However, Africa also has a lot of adult gambling, so at ICE Africa, VNE will introduce a range of cash handling products that combine the virtual market with land-based activities. These types of products are frequented not only by traditional casino players, but also by players who have not yet been seen in land-based gambling. ”

VNE, which manufactures hardware and software for managing a range of payments in cashless and cashless systems, will place a particular emphasis on smartphones and responsible gaming functions, which will be required for new technologies such as these later be exhibited at the ICE Africa year. Buenger confirmed: “There is no doubt that smartphones dominate online gaming activity, especially sports betting, in Africa, adding a safe, fast and easy-to-use platform for uploading or withdrawing cash Bring in the region.

“Our cash handling products are modular. Adding new peripherals or transitioning to new technologies is part of our day-to-day business, as we understand that only the latest technologies offer the highest levels of reliability, security and efficiency. We are pleased to present our new banknote recycling products to previously unknown capabilities in terms of speed and capacity for African operators. They allow users to reduce the total circulation of money in a gambling environment while still being prepared for the payoff of big successes. As ICE Africa is the first time that VNE has visited a fair on the continent, we are pleased to showcase the product range and focus on sports betting solutions to bring the African gambling industry together. ”