Kiron Interactive co-founder heralds Africa as “must-have” territory following ICE brand decision

Steven Spartinos, co-founder and co-CEO of Kiron Interactive, has supported Clarion Gaming in expanding the ICE brand to Africa this year, claiming that ICE Africa is the international B2B event to watch out for given the continent’s mobile sports betting and industry-wide opportunities.

Spartinos spoke of the benefits of a dedicated show in Africa: “It is clear that Africa is rapidly becoming a sports betting hub and ICE Africa is the foundation of what has the potential to become a key event in the global gaming industry. The continent can face certain challenges, one size may not be suitable for everyone when it comes to the African market, but the potential for success in sports betting is becoming increasingly tangible. We look forward to the opportunities that ICE Africa has to offer and look forward to being part of the development of the fair as its popularity increases. “

Kiron Interactive, which specializes in providing services to web, mobile and land-based sports betting and casino operators on five continents, focuses on virtual games in the region as well as mobile and sports betting that Spartinos believes meet country-specific requirements , Knowledge of countries that you can really use. He said: “Africa is a very dynamic market and insights into virtual, mobile and sports betting components will be an asset. Local understanding is also crucial, which makes the punter tick in different countries. Africa is a large continent with different tastes and needs on a country basis. It is imperative that we understand what ingredients are required to deliver a tailored and localized recipe that benefits operators in each of the key countries we deliver to. “

“Retail is still the most established platform in Africa and will likely remain so for some time to come,” he continued. “However, the very high mobile distribution and the constant further development of the technology make the mobile and online provision of products and services on the continent more and more important. The growth here is far less than in retail. The African market is very different from traditional industrialized countries, and it is these differences that make it such an interesting environment in which we operate. “

Having supported last year’s Gaming Africa event, Kiron Interactive will return to the first ICE Africa event in October after Clarion decided to make the continent the first place in its flagship brand, to which Spartinos “Why not Africa” said.
“We are proud to be the founding exhibitor in 2017. We have seen the potential of this fair and are looking forward to being part of the growth as it becomes more popular. The continent is a must, and after extensive research Clarion has recognized the potential to “put pen on paper” with the launch of ICE Africa. When it comes to working across Africa, operators face not only a number of operational challenges, but also the challenge of locating and differentiating their product offerings to adapt them to the African landscape. “

He concluded: “ICE Africa will certainly help to improve the exchange of knowledge regarding such challenges and to find the right solutions. In this way, the African market can be demystified and success in these otherwise unknown markets can be facilitated. “

ICE Africa will include a comprehensive learning program, first-class training and personnel development modules, products and services from leading gaming brands, and extensive networking opportunities. Supporting partners for ICE Africa are the South African Bookmakers ‘Association, the Western Cape Bookmakers’ Association, the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling and the European Casino Association.